German MPs pay visit to port of Rotterdam

On 6 February, a number of German MPs who also sit on the Bundestag’s Benelux contact group were welcomed by our External Affairs department during a visit to the port of Rotterdam. With members from SPD, CDU and FDP, the delegation represented both the national coalition parties and the opposition. The delegates sit in parliament on behalf of their electoral district along the Rhine: Rotterdam’s key corridor to the German hinterland.

Bondsdagleden op bezoek bij Futureland

Members of the Bundestag visiting the FutureLand information centre at Maasvlakte.

Which explains why various cross-border subjects were also discussed during the MPs’ visit, including the construction of the third Betuwe Route railway line, raising the sustainability of inland shipping along the entire Rhine corridor, and joint challenges in the current phase-out of coal. The MPs were particularly impressed with the innovative technologies and systems that are being tested and implemented in the port area, as well as Rotterdam’s ambition when it comes to shaping the energy transition.

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