How much is one billion tonne of dry bulk?

Western Europe’s largest transhipment terminal for coal and iron ore reached a milestone last week. EMO, located on the Maasvlakte in the port of Rotterdam, unloaded its billionth tonne of dry bulk. An incredible number, but how much is one billion tonne really?

One billion tonne

  • If it were all iron ore, one billion tonnes would be enough to supply Europe with enough iron for 100 years of car building.
  • When stacked, one billion tonnes of coal has a volume of one cubic kilometre.
  • If it were all coal, one billion tonnes would produce enough energy for 35 years of electricity in the Netherlands.
  • One billion tonnes of coal could provide China with energy for six months.
  • It would take approximately 2667 trips for the worlds largest dry bulk vessels to transport one billion tonnes of iron ore.

Strategic location
EMO was the first company to move into the Maasvlakte harbour in 1973. Due to its strategic location EMO is able to handle large amounts of dry bulk. With deep-water connections directly linked to the sea, the world’s largest ships are able to unload directly at the terminal.

Almost 50% of all overseas imports of iron ore in Northwest Europe arrive via Rotterdam. Nowhere else more steam coal for power plants and coking coal for the steel industry is handled. The good rail and inland waterway connections make Rotterdam the heart of the European coal and iron ore transshipment

Mathijs Pelsma

Managing director EMO - EMO

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