In supply chain, everybody is a lynchpin

Actually, in my opinion nothing sparkling has happened in the sector recently! There is still a complete battlement in misunderstanding...

What is the most striking, startling or surprising development in the maritime sector that caught your attention lately? And can you explain why?
Actually, in my opinion nothing sparkling has happened in the sector recently! There is still a complete battlement in misunderstanding as to why the shipping line industry is still operating in a uncompetitive way, which has a detrimental effect on both price and business.

How did you get into your current position in Inbound Logistics?
I started my working career as an engineering apprentice in the newspaper industry. My logical approach to solving problems within engineering made me move into the commercial arena of procurement and logistics. I had a number of opportunities in my career and worked my way up. Presently, I’m responsible for the inbound delivery of globally sourced product for Shop Direct, the UK’s leading multi-brand digital retailer with brands such as, Littlewoods and

What is your personal highlight in 2013 that makes you proud?
My focus is on creating transparency and visibility across the entire supply chain, for that reason we have introduced a platform showing product at SKU level. Every stakeholder in the supply chain, from Hong Kong to the UK, has access to this same data that comes from one single source. It also enables a paperless documentation process and an automated payment to the supplier’s bank. It’s all about accuracy in supply chain. We say: see it, trust it, use it.

What inspires you?
Even though there is always another opportunity around the corner, it’s not always easy to find. But looking for it is mostly the most fun part of the job, the challenge that gives you new energy. And I don’t settle with what I’m doing today, I always think about my end goal and what is satisfying our customer. That’s how we work: we think about the objective.

What makes your work very special?
I’m enjoying my work. We are an important part of the holistic logistics picture. In supply chain, everybody is a lynchpin. We are all part of the bigger picture, from manufacturer to seller. That is what makes my work thrilling: being part of something bigger.

Paul Miller

Director of Inbound Logistics - Shop Direct

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