Lasting efficiency

A column by Ronald Lugthart, managing director at Rotterdam World Gateway

It seems that many people today believe that sustainable means ‘doing good for the environment’. But another, perhaps more literal translation is lasting i.e. that something can be sustained and will endure. I think this word provides a good description of what Rotterdam World Gateway stands for. I also believe that the port of Rotterdam is an outstanding example of lasting economic activity with an eye on the future. The sound investment in Maasvlakte 2 and the excellent execution of this plan shows the ability of bringing together growth and protection in a long term scheme to give Rotterdam a 21st century World Port.

Manufacturing today has moved further away from European markets and some 90 percent of all goods manufactured are transported by sea. This in turn means that supply chains lengthen and the needs of shipping lines and their customers change. Both The Port of Rotterdam Authority and Rotterdam World Gateway want to meet these new challenges for our customers.

To do so, I will ensure that Rotterdam World Gateway will continuously invest in our infrastructure, our facilities and our people. We will work closely with both our customers and business partners to provide quality services for today and tomorrow, based upon their needs. In this way we are able to deliver top efficiency and Super Post Panamax capacity to one of the world’s most important junctions in the flow of goods.

Investments like Maasvlakte 2 or a brand new container terminal like Rotterdam World Gateway need to be ‘lasting’ before they can even be considered ‘sustainable’.  In other words, they must be economically sound  to  earn their place in our way of life and the world we live in. That is why I changed my perspective to ensuring a ‘lasting efficiency’, so that there is  a solid guarantee for future prosperity.


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