Let’s hear it for the hinterland

A column by Emile Hoogsteden, director Containers, Breakbulk and Logistics - Port of Rotterdam Authority

A few weeks ago, I was one of the lucky people to be part of the fleet that was the first to sail through Rotterdam’s newest port-area: Maasvlakte 2. Years of preparation and five years of construction resulted in a modern, sustainable port that is ready for the future. A future that will attract more goods travelling to and from Rotterdam in the largest ULCC’s. Sailing through Maasvlakte 2, made me realise once more what a unique position the port of Rotterdam has, being a gateway as well as a hub. Especially with the extra space Maasvlakte 2 offers us, it is important that we make optimal use of it.

In my opinion the hinterland is the key to success. And it starts right here in the port itself by changing our perspective and looking at the bigger picture instead of just ourselves. The bigger picture of a strong hinterland product as a whole with Rotterdam as an integral part. And it cuts both ways: a good hinterland product is not only crucial to handle the growth, but if we have a good product, we create more growth as well.

To achieve this, it is important that parties in the port of Rotterdam area work together. This isn’t rocket science, you might think. But bringing parties together that have different interests  is quite a challenge. Social innovation, I like to call it. It takes time and patience, but just like Maasvlakte 2, it is crucial for the long term.

As a result, I am proud that we can present projects like Nextlogic, InlandLinks and CLM (Container Logistics Maasvlakte) to you. These initiatives not only contribute to more efficient transport to and from Rotterdam, but also underline the Port Authority’s vision on intermodal transport, emphasizing the use of train and barge. Naturally, also Portbase, our Port Community System, plays an important role in creating more efficiency together. I am convinced that these initiatives will benefit us all. If you’re curious how, or if you have your own opinion about these matters, I gladly invite you to join the discussions at TLM and TOC this month. Or send me an email and perhaps, we can (ex-)change each others perspective.


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