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Living room of the port

As of 4 May, drivers can make use of the new large-scale truck stop on the Maasvlakte 24/7. The Maasvlakte Plaza has 357 parking spaces and offers a wide range of modern facilities for both drivers and truck.

The all-in-one concept on the Maasvlakte includes an information desk, sanitary facilities (showers and toilets), washing and drying machines, lockers, a Shell petrol station, a truck wash, and an emergency repair service for containers. "It really is a living room among all the activity," says Steef Bongaards, manager of Routiers. "Routiers' restaurant with 175 seats is one of the new facilities at the Plaza. The well-equipped base and the large number of parking spaces are very attractive for us. The well-known concept of Routiers, where drivers can go for a quick meal or a leisurely dinner, remains unchanged. This restaurant will only increase in size and become more luxurious."

Without a passport

The drivers will already experience how easy the Plaza works when arriving at the entrance. "Using the CargoCard, the driver is granted easy access to the truck stop," says Cor Stolk, director of Secure Logistics. "Payment then takes place digitally via the card," he adds. "The Plaza is located on the main road, which led us to choose this location for our service facility." At the service facility, drivers and employees of the companies in the port can find all services regarding their CargoCard PortKey and Digital Safety Passport. "The main advantage of the Plaza is that all services are within reach," Stolk says. "For instance, all the companies work together on a logistics process which is as safe, smooth and trouble-free as possible."

From drip tray to repair team

The fact that the Plaza is fully focused on driver and truck is also clearly visible at Kramer Group, owner of the weighing point (VCW) and other facilities. Manager Business Development, Grant Pinkney: "We facilitate a collection of services on-site, such as the SOLAS weighing point, a drip tray for containers and repairs. But we also help drivers out digitally with the advance notice obligations or the storage of containers through drop and swap services." For Kramer, the work on the Plaza are an extension of the driver assisting activities they already perform in the port. "The Plaza will become a base where drivers cannot only feel at home a bit, but it is also a stopover after which they can continue their way without any worries."

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