Long distance construction

This picture shows a 400-ton chemical factory that was transported by pontoon to the port of Rotterdam. What this picture does not show is why Huntsman decided to build this new edition to their existing chemical plant nearly seventy kilometers away, in Heijningen. 

Polyurethanes manufacturer Huntsman is currently modernizing its facilities in Rotterdam-Botlek, but with chemicals on site, it is not possible to use regular construction methods involving heat, like welding and grinding while in production.

Instead of shutting down during the build, the 18-meter high and 400 ton weighing collusus was build by construction company FB Group at the Dintelmond industrial estate near Heijningen. There it only took 5,5 half months to prefabricate the factory; half the time it would take to build it on its destined location.

After thorough testing, the plant had to be taken apart into four separate units to be shipped to Rotterdam. With all the units now put into place, it will take approximately three weeks to connect them to the existing plant. The new addition to the Huntsman site will be taken into production in the second quarter of 2014. With the new factory Huntsman hopes to expand its Polyol capacity by 30 kilotons per year. This product is used in mattresses, chair coverings, insulation material for buildings and refrigerators.

Sjaak Legerstee

Commissioning manager - Huntsman

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