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Maaskade reopens for inland shipping

Inland vessels will once again be able to moor along Maaskade on Noordereiland in Rotterdam’s city centre. The Port of Rotterdam Authority has transferred the 500-metre state-of-the-art quay with a classical appearance and atmosphere to the Municipality for operations.

Nieuwe Maaskade

In December 2015, part of the existing quay wall, which was built in 1892 and had a length of approximately 40 metres, had collapsed. Subsequent research showed that the entire quay was actually in need of an overhaul, since it did not satisfy contemporary technical requirements. The rebuilding turned out to be an exceptionally complex undertaking, since the quay lies adjacent to a dynamic built-up environment with monumental buildings. This meant that the architectural condition of these buildings needed to be evaluated beforehand, and the first design for the renovated quay wall was rejected by the building aesthetics commission. To keep nuisance for local residents to a bare minimum, the designers decided to use concrete reinforced with steel fibres rather than a traditional reinforcement, among other solutions.

Reduced risk of floods

“As Port Authority, we are proud of this state-of-the-art quay and happy that inland vessels can once again make use of these popular berths so close to Rotterdam’s city centre. Furthermore, the new quay improves local conditions for residents and businesses on Noordereiland. The reconstructed quay significantly reduces the risk of floods in the area. We hope that inland vessels will quickly start taking advantage of the renewed berths and shore-based power facilities. After all, inland shipping and Rotterdam are inextricably connected,” says Ronald Paul, COO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

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