Maasvlakte Plaza

Source: Port of Rotterdam Authority

Modern, safe and complete
A truck park equipped with all the latest facilities for both driver and vehicle. And right in the heart of Maasvlakte 2. That is Maasvlakte Plaza.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is developing a large-scale truck park. Maasvlakte Plaza will double the number of secure parking spaces in the port of Rotterdam. From May 2017, Maasvlakte Plaza will have 359 parking spaces.

Unique opportunity for entrepreneurs
Maasvlakte Plaza is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs: the multifunctional building that forms part of Maasvlakte Plaza will house catering facilities and offices. There are also six plots available for truck-related businesses.

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Respect for nature

At the moment, the site of Maasvlakte Plaza is partially occupied by the Vogelvallei, a fascinating area that is visited by many different species of coastal bird and songbird. This area will not be lost to the birds with the development of the truck park: it will be redesigned and expanded. This will result in a 21 hectare nature reserve. In this way, the Port Authority and nature organisations will create a safe area where birds can rest, forage and brood. The redesign also takes account of nature lovers: the two bird viewing points will be very popular among bird-watchers.

Maasvlakte Plaza: modern, safe and complete.
Make it happen!

Ready for the future

Maasvlakte Plaza will make the port ready for the future. Truck drivers can use it 24 hours a day. The truck park is therefore very much in line with the 24/7 cycle of the terminals. And flexible cargo transport prevents congestion on the roads.

With a Routiers restaurant, washroom facilities, an information desk and the chance to make use of office facilities, the transport park has all the necessary amenities. Truck drivers can also use the Shell fuel pumps. With all these up-to-date amenities, Maasvlakte Plaza is more than a modern parking and resting facility: it is a good base during bad weather, congestion and/or problems on the road

Suitable for all types of truck

The truck stop offers over 350 parking spaces and is suited for a variety of truck types:

  • Trucks transporting dangerous goods (ADR) (87 parking spaces)
  • Trailers (35 parking spaces)
  • ECO Combis (LZV) (46 parking spaces)
  • Reefer containers (10 parking spaces)
  • Special haulage (OOG) (8 parking spaces)


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