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Maasvlakte Plaza sets new standard for secure parking

Today – Wednesday 3 May – the Port of Rotterdam Authority will be officially opening Maasvlakte Plaza, an international transport park that features a large-scale truck stop and modern facilities for both drivers and vehicles. “With this concept, we intend to set a new standard for secure truck parking and improve both the accessibility of our port area and logistics efficiency,” says Ronald Paul, COO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, who will be doing the honours.

Virtual Gate

The construction of Maasvlakte Plaza is in line with the Port of Rotterdam Authority’s policy to improve the security of trucks parking in the area and reduce nuisance caused by this activity. In addition, the Port Authority views Maasvlakte Plaza as an opportunity to boost further innovation in the logistics process. “Thanks to its central location, close to the major container terminals, Maasvlakte Plaza can soon be utilised in the further development of the ‘Virtual Gate’ principle. This concept will allow us to optimally coordinate a range of inspections and customs and administrative activities by improving the uniformity of the logistics process,” according to Ronald Paul. Maasvlakte Plaza will also include a Secure Logistics information desk. This company is the operator of the cargo card, which drivers need to have to gain access to Maasvlakte’s container terminals.


Maasvlakte Plaza is a guarded truck stop with 359 parking spaces, of which over 80 spaces are suited for trucks carrying hazardous materials (ADR). In addition, the park offers facilities for semi-trailers, ECO combis (extra-long trucks), reefer containers and special/out-of-gauge cargo.
The park includes a wide range of other facilities besides parking spaces. The central building houses a branch of the Routiers restaurant chain (which will also follow a new concept), the Secure Logistics information desk and sanitary facilities such as showers, toilets and washing rooms.
In addition, one can find a location of the Kramer Group next to the parking site. They offer a variety of services here, including minor repair work on containers, as well as a container weighing facility. A Shell filling station will be opening at Maasvlakte Plaza in September.

Parking facilities for trucks in Rotterdam

Since 2012, the port of Rotterdam has offered a total of four truck stops. The Waalhaven truck stop has a capacity of 124 parking spaces. In November, a new truck stop for 102 vehicles opened directly next to this site, at Antonie Bodaanweg 99. The truck stops De Punt in Botlek and Distripark Botlek have a capacity of 85 parking spaces each. The opening of Maasvlakte Plaza raises the total number of guarded parking spaces for trucks in the port area to 750. And they clearly fulfil a need, because the average overnight occupancy rate at these sites is over 80%. The opening of these guarded parking sites has considerably improved the security of the parked trucks and reduced nuisance for the surrounding area.

Bird Valley

One of the integral parts of this project is the redevelopment and expansion of the existing Bird Valley. This subproject was rounded off last year, creating a large, uninterrupted nature area with a surface area of 21 ha. Bureau Stadsnatuur recently announced that bird populations in the area are doing well.

Maasvlakte plaza

Comfort and safety. Maasvlakte Plaza offers all modern facilities for both drivers and vehicles: 357 parking places, available 24/7. Open from May 4th 2017 (06.00).

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