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Maasvlakte Plaza success from the get-go

Two months after the official opening of Maasvlakte Plaza, truck drivers have no trouble finding the new truck stop. In June, 90 percent of the 359 parking spaces were occupied over the course of six days. “The Port Authority is very satisfied. Companies are making intensive use of the Plaza – particularly the container road haulage firms located at Maasvlakte. Which was precisely our intention,” says Port Authority COO Ronald Paul.

Maasvlakte Plaza is one of the largest gated truck stops in Europe. Its opening has doubled the number of truck parking spaces in Rotterdam’s port area to a total of 750. “We see very good occupancy rates at the truck stop from Monday to Thursday. And while it’s still relatively quiet over the weekends, our intake is also increasing in these periods as well,” notes Paul. “There are hardly any cases of unlicensed parking at Maasvlakte anymore. And on two occasions the Plaza could be used as a buffer, to accommodate trucks that had become stranded due to a storm and a software hack.”
Most drivers hail from the region, North Brabant and the Eastern Netherlands.

Foto: Paul Martens


The construction of Maasvlakte Plaza is in line with the Port of Rotterdam Authority’s policy to improve the security of trucks that park in the area and reduce nuisance caused by this activity. The Port Authority is pleased that many transport companies have adopted the CargoCard as a means of payment at the truck stop. After all, more intensive use of this card increases the scope to also utilise it for other logistics services. And this in turn can contribute to a better logistics process overall.

Restaurant chain Routiers is also satisfied with the first two months of business at their new location. “A lot of our guests have moved with us to the new site. And more and more people are taking lunch at our restaurant, since we’re also welcoming a growing number of tourists and business guests. In the evening, the place stays busy until we close at 11,” says restaurant manager Trudie Roskam.

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