Nautical services in Rotterdam

07 April 2020
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Rotterdam’s nautical service providers (pilots, linesmen and towage service providers) are doing everything in their power to remain operational throughout the crisis. The measures they take in this context are intended to limit health risks for their own personnel and the crews. At the same time, these measures help protect the health of the captains and crews of the sea-going vessels.

PortHeroes: watch our video about the pilots’ activities in the port of Rotterdam.

They are led by the guidelines formulated by the Dutch government and the National Institute for Public Health (RIVM). The providers constantly confer both among themselves and with the Port Authority and RIVM regarding the appropriate measures. The possible operational impact is also discussed almost daily with all parties involved.

This is precisely when the added value of the intensive operational collaboration between Rotterdam’s nautical service providers becomes particularly clear. The service providers keep ships up to date on the measures that have been taken. This is important, because it ensures that captains, shipping companies and cargo owners know what is being done to continue working safely. This way, Rotterdam’s pilots, linesmen and towage services make sure that ships calling on Rotterdam can continue to rely on the port’s usual level of service.