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New in Rotterdam: The Yukon Harbour

Source: Port of Rotterdam Authority

The new Yukon harbour will emerge on the north side of the Yangtze canal (port number 9845). The harbour basin will be located between the Euromax container terminal and the gate terminal of Vopak and Gasunie. The consortium Hakkers Van Oord will execute the assignment, which is commissioned by the Port of Rotterdam Authority. The Yukon harbour will have a length of 255 meters, a width of approximately 150 meters and a depth of 7,50 meters for the time being.

Next year, Gate terminal will open a new LNG Breakbulk terminal at this new harbour basin. As a result, modest amounts of liquefied natural gas can be loaded to bunker ships and small-scale LNG-tankers. This enables the possibility to further distribute LNG as a cleaner fuel alternative for ships, ferries, trucks and general industrial appliance. The commissioning and start of the first service provision is scheduled end of first half 2016.

The arrival of the LNG Break Bulk terminal fits in well with the policy of the Port of Rotterdam Authority. It is aimed at stimulating the transition from oil fuel to LNG as fuel for the shipping industry, as well as bringing out the full potential of LNG-market development in Rotterdam. The European Union also supports the construction of the LNG Breakbulk terminal.

Yukon rivier
The name Yukon harbour is a proper addition to the names of other harbours at the Maasvlakte, such as Amazonehaven, Mississippihaven and Nijlhaven. The Yukon is a 3187 kilometres lengthy river that is located in the northwest of Canada and Alaska and was formerly known as the main hinterland connection for miners.

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