New inland terminal crane for APM Terminals

Source: Broekman Project Services

Last Friday, a brand-new inland terminal crane was delivered to APM Terminals at Maasvlakte 2. The Liebherr-produced crane is over 50 metres tall, weighs 700 tonnes and was initially delivered as an assembly kit to Broekman Project Services at Waalhaven. The massive structure was subsequently transported by pontoon boat to its final destination.

APMT did not have enough room at its own location to construct the crane. Fortunately, Broekman Project Services did. The Dordrecht firm Sarens Nederland was provided with a 10,000-m² site at the terminal to turn the assembly kit into a fully-functioning container crane. “They needed quite a large work site,” says Jos Masselink, Broekman’s General Manager of Project Services. “But with a bit of improvising, we were able to accommodate them.”

The load-out also came down to careful shifting and shoving. Masselink: “With a width of 40 metres, we were required to make a few adjustments to the terminal and the public road. But we did it. It was a great heavy lift project to work on – one that we can look back on with pride.”

The addition of this third crane will significantly step up APMT’s inland terminal capacity.

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