No additional measures for inland vessels

21 April 2020
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In contrast with the revised admission rules for sea-going vessels, inland vessels calling on Rotterdam are not subject to any additional measures other than those applying to everyone. In other words: adhere to the current hygiene measures and maintain a distance of 1.5 metres.

Inland vessel with containers, container ship and cranes

Coronavirus symptoms on board a vessel

When a crew member or family member is exhibiting symptoms of a coronavirus infection, this needs to be reported as usual to the individual’s GP or HSE physician – either in the Netherlands or abroad. The physician will get in touch with the ship’s captain for further details, and will only board the vessel in highly urgent cases. People suffering from mild COVID-19 complaints are required to stay on board the vessel.

If the physician determines that a sick crew member or passenger can no longer remain in isolation on board the vessel, or if there are insufficient options to isolate him or her, the physician will confer with the Municipal health Service (GGD) regarding a possible transfer to shore for care. If the physician determines that the patient’s condition is life-threatening, he or she will be admitted to a Dutch hospital.

In acute situations, the vessel needs to call the emergency telephone number 112.

Shore leave

Only go ashore for medical reasons or to do groceries.

Boarding vessels

Keep the number of people boarding your vessel to a bare minimum. The only exceptions are medical professionals, personnel engaged in strictly necessary activities like provisioning and repairs and government employees.

Crew changes

Provided this is done in a controlled manner, crew changes can go ahead wherever possible. In the case of non-Dutch crew members, this is possibly subject to restrictions set for air travel and the current immigration regulations.

Port operations

Cargo operations can go ahead as planned even when a crew member or family member tests positive for the coronavirus. However, the other crew members or family members are not allowed to come in contact with port personnel.

Ship departures

In principle, inland vessels carrying a crew member or family member who suffers from mild corona symptoms are allowed to leave the port provided the captain has determined that this does not endanger shipping safety.