No job is too big

It is no easy feat to transport two cement ship unloaders, a ship loader and two conveyor belt systems with a combined weight of 17,000 freight tons. On Monday, these machines travelled by pontoon to the port of Rotterdam, from where they will be shipped to the other side of the world.

photo: Ries van Wendel de Joode

Massive operation

The systems were built by Van Aalst Bulk Handling in Hazerswoude and are destined for two new cement-import terminals in New Zealand. Logistics service provider CEVA Logistics is coordinating the transportation of this terminal equipment via Rotterdam. Quite a logistics challenge considering the fact that the largest machine is 33 metres long, 15.5 metres wide and 18 metres high.

Last week, the machines were taken from three different locations and brought together at the NCM shipyard in Nieuw-Lekkerland, about 20 kilometres east of Rotterdam. On Monday, they were placed there on a pontoon by a Bonn & Mees floating crane and then taken to the RHB Stevedoring terminal in the Waalhaven. During the past few days, the machines were loaded at RHB onto the heavy lift ship Happy Dragon belonging to BigLift Shipping.

Specialised service providers

René van Loon, Vice President of Freight Management Benelux at CEVA says: “A lot of work is involved with project cargo like this. Within CEVA we have therefore set up worldwide Project Logistics centres, one of which is in Rotterdam. They focus fully on Air and Ocean project cargo. It is also important that all players in the supply chain are on the same wavelength. In the port of Rotterdam, all the necessary facilities and excellent service providers are available so that project cargo like this can be shipped safely, efficiently and carefully.”


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