Number of ships calling on Rotterdam unaltered

For the time being, the corona crisis doesn’t seem to have had an impact on the number of sea-going and inland vessels calling on the port: over the past week, it has been business as usual in the port in terms of container ships, tankers and inland vessels.

Schepen Maasmond, haven Rotterdam

Since recently, every sea-going vessel planning to call on Rotterdam is required to submit a Maritime Declaration of Health (MDOH) before entering the port – even if none of its crew and/or passengers are ill. So far, this procedure has not led to any extra measures. Absence due to illness among the port’s pilots and linesmen and within the towing services and the Harbour Master’s Division is at normal levels. As far as we know, the same situation applies to virtually all companies in the port area.

The recent fine weather led the Harbour Master’s Division to step up its monitoring of pleasure craft to determine whether they were abiding by the rules.

Update corona virus

Despite the far-reaching social impact of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), the port of Rotterdam will remain operational. Cargo handling and production will continue unabated. The Harbour Master Division is monitoring safety and public order on the water 24/7. The Port of Rotterdam Authority is carefully complying with the recommendations of national authorities in the field of health and safety, and we have taken steps to safeguard the continuity of business operations.

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