Open LoRa network launched

In the past four weeks, a joint venture of companies and organisations has had twenty gateways erected in the city and port, making the Rotterdam open LoRa network reality. Via this network, ‘The Things Network - 010’, smart pieces of equipment are in continuous contact with each other and the ‘internet of things’ is possible.

The LoRa network (‘Long Range Low Power’) covers Rotterdam and is freely accessible. A special feature is that it is suitable for equipment that uses very little power and bandwidth. Whether this involves sensors that measure the water level or an app that provides information on vacant spaces in a cycle shed or sensors that measure air quality in real time. Objects such as boats and cars, the port infrastructure, waste containers and lampposts can be controlled via this network (on/off, open/closed), and pass on information (how full they are, level of fine dust).

The network was set up in a short space of time because various parties from the city and port joined forces: Intermax, Eneco, Teqplay, the Rotterdam internet eXchange, the Municipality of Rotterdam, Deloitte, Teach32, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Willem de Kooning Academy, the HavenLab, the Rotterdam Logistics Lab, the Cambridge Innovation Center and the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

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