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Paal 83 (Dolphin 83), graceful new lookout tower along the Calandkanaal

On 10 November, the Port of Rotterdam Authority will inaugurate Paal 83 on the Rozenburg Landtong along the Calandkanaal (port number 5340). It is a tribute to the first berth for the transhipment and bunkering (refuelling) of LNG, liquefied natural gas. Art producer Mothership developed the 22-metre high lookout tower at this berth.

Photo: Danny Cornelissen

The installation of Paal 83 on the green Rozenburg Landtong fits into the Port of Rotterdam Authority's policy to make the port attractive, and it shows that nature is flourishing in this industrial environment. “We like what we're familiar with”, says Ronald Paul, COO at the Port of Rotterdam Authority. "The Landtong Rozenburg is a green oasis, ideal for cycling, walking and enjoying the beautiful view of Europe's largest port. This lookout tower provides a new perspective."

"Our inspiration for this design was drawn from the boatmen; the users of the mooring dolphins everywhere in the port," said Jeroen Everaert, founder of Mothership. "Their work includes the mooring of ships at these dolphins. Even the maximum size vessels are moored in this manner. The innovative dolphins have clever hooks that allow the mooring ropes to be secured more efficient and safer. And winches, operated on solar energy to haul in the mooring ropes. However, taking the mooring ropes to the dolphins to secure the ships is still done by the boatmen.

Berth 83- LNG
Paal 83 (Dolphin 83) is named after the dolphins that form the basis of the new LNG berth. The core of Paal 83 is a recycled dolphin. This illustrates the Port of Rotterdam Authority's ambition to be a sustainable port. The lookout tower shows not only the work of the boatmen, but also the enormous scale and size of the dolphin. If ships are moored to them, they actually look rather small. However, in reality, they are colossal. The three winding stairs to the platform are a reference to the braided mooring ropes used to secure the ships. This platform is located at a height of 16 metres. Information panels explaining everything you see and experience are placed around the platform. One of these panels also contains a poem by Derek Otte, City Poet of Rotterdam, which he wrote for this location. For the text on the lookout tower, Otte gleaned inspiration from the water, the ships, the port, the views and nature.

Since 2005, Mothership aims to anchor art in the DNA of the living environment that can touch everyone. Mothership provides art that creates astonishment, in unexpected places, art that contributes to a pleasant environment in which people feel involved. As a result, many projects have a strong social impact. Mothership is aware of the added value that art can offer and serves a large number of clients from this perspective.

The construction of berth 83-LNG is part of the ReaLNG project, with which Shell, STC-Group, Lübeck Port Authority and the Port of Rotterdam Authority have boosted the use of LNG as cleaner marine fuel. Liquefied Natural Gas contributes to the reduction of noxious gas emissions. The project was co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). This subsidy programme from the European Union focuses on improving sustainable and efficient European energy, telecommunications and transport networks.


We are committed to ensuring that the port and its environs are safe, healthy and appealing. We aim to counter climate change while ensuring that the port area makes a significant contribution to Dutch prosperity and employment.

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