Phase 1 of reopening of seamen’s club ISC The Bridge

02 June 2020
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The recent Covid containment measures also forced the seamen’s club ISC The Bridge in Oostvoorne to close its doors. However, as of 2 June, the centre can gradually return to facilitating seafarers. During phase 1, the drivers of The Bridge will be provisioning crew members with a variety of basic necessities.

Boodschappenbus Zeemanshuis Oostvoone transport zeevarenden
The Bridge’s coach has already been completely overhauled to satisfy RIVM guidelines.

Seafarers to remain on board

Recently, the Dutch people treated everyone working in healthcare and other essential occupations to a massive applause. Unconsciously or consciously, citizens were also clapping for seafarers in the Netherlands. Together, they ensure that no less than 90% of the goods needed in this country are shipped in by water.

Start of phase 1 – Delivery of basic necessities at the gangway

Many of these seafarers have already been forced to stay on board their vessels for an extended period. Crew changes weren’t allowed during the peak of the Covid crisis, and they are only just starting to pick up again on a very limited scale. If the seafarers’ vessel is moored at a port, they currently aren’t able, or permitted, to go on shore.

In the first phase of The Bridge’s reopening, the team will be working to supply seafarers with basic, smaller necessities. A telephone card, for example – so they can get in touch with the ‘home front’ – or toothpaste, shampoo, a bar of chocolate.

In accordance with the current RIVM guidelines, The Bridge’s drivers will be available on week days from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. to drop off orders at the vessels’ gangway.


In due time, The Bridge once again hopes to welcome seafarers to its regular location in the De Man arts centre at Burgemeester Letteweg 30 in Oostvoorne. The team is currently busy with the necessary preparations, which will allow them to once again offer as many seafaring personnel as possible a ‘home away from home’ in full compliance with the Covid containment measures.