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Port Authority enters into joint venture agreement for construction of port in Indonesia

The Port of Rotterdam Authority signed a joint venture agreement with the Indonesian state-owned port corporation Pelindo 1. The main purpose of this joint venture is to prepare the development of the port of Kuala Tanjung. Kuala Tanjung is a port project of national importance in the province of North Sumatra, strategically located on the Strait of Malacca. The joint team of Pelindo 1 and the Port of Rotterdam Authority have been entrusted with preparing an investment decision.

That same day, the Port Authority also signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) regarding the expansion of the port of Jakarta. This MoU was entered into by Pelindo 2 (the state-owned port corporation bearing responsibility for Jakarta, among other ports), JakPro (the land development company of the City District of Jakarta) and the Port of Rotterdam Authority. The three parties have agreed in this MoU to jointly direct and support a preparatory feasibility study for the future expansion of the port of Jakarta at the so-called O, P and Q islands.

Local Port Authority office in Jakarta

The agreements were signed during Dutch Prime Minister Rutte’s visit to Indonesia. The CEO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, Allard Castelein – who signed the two agreements – received the Dutch delegation in Jakarta. The Port Authority opened an office in this city earlier this year, which is used to coordinate the Port Authority’s projects in Indonesia. “With the signing of two agreements, the delegation’s visit can be considered a resounding success for the Port Authority. The agreements are a major step forward for our activities here in Indonesia. They reflect the Indonesian government’s confidence in our efforts,” according to Allard Castelein.

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