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Port Authority makes an extra 100 hectares available at Maasvlakte 2 for distribution companies

Increasing demand for port-related logistics real estate has resulted in the Port of Rotterdam Authority classifying a further 100 hectares of land at Maasvlakte 2 as a distribution park. ‘Distripark Maasvlakte West’ is currently the only available ‘greenfield’ site for distribution in the Port of Rotterdam.

“Distripark Maasvlakte West is now available for allocation,” stated Maarten de Wijs, Business Manager Distribution & Warehousing at the Port of Rotterdam Authority. “There is a lot of interest from the market. That’s because it’s a top location for both logistics service providers and shippers as well as real estate developers and investors.” The site has multimodal links by road, rail and water and is located just a stone’s throw from high-frequency deep-sea and short-sea connections. The new Distripark is also located conveniently for the A15, the Maasvlakte Plaza Truck parking area, the existing Maasvlakte distripark and the freight rail links between Maasvlakte and the European hinterland.

Construction height and environmental contours
The site is being allocated in plots of various sizes. Coupled with the fact that there are no construction height restrictions, this makes Maasvlakte West Distripark extremely suitable for the development of large-scale distribution. De Wijs particularly sees opportunities for the chemical industry, cold storage and the distribution of high-quality freight. “Over 45 chemical production companies and refineries are active in the immediate vicinity. Add the spacious environmental contours of the site to this and you can immediately see fantastic opportunities for the distribution of chemical products, including hazardous substances.”

Cold storage and high-quality
Distripark Maasvlakte West also offers excellent opportunities for agricultural distribution. There is already a strong cold storage cluster at Maasvlakte and cooperation with cold storage clusters in the Merwe-Vierhavens and Eemhaven (Cool Port) is simple. “The extensive security measures also make Distripark Maasvlakte West a great spot for handling high-quality freight, such as electronics,” added De Wijs.

Distripark Maasvlakte West

Do you want to grow and develop in the largest container hub of Europe? Would you like to invest in logistics real estate and large-scale distribution? At a place where you can take advantage of high-frequent deep-sea, short-sea and multimodal connections, amid state-of-the-art terminals? Distripark Maasvlakte West at Maasvlakte offers all the space, development opportunities and hypermodern facilities that you need.

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