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Port Authority to expand Maasvlakte Plaza truck stop

The Port of Rotterdam Authority’s new project is intended to expand parking facilities at the Maasvlakte Plaza truck stop. The project was set up in response to the growing demand for guarded parking spaces for trucks on Maasvlakte.

Photo: Paul Martens

Maasvlakte Plaza currently offers over 350 parking spaces. The truck stop is expected to have room for another 150 spaces or so. If the required permits are obtained without further issue, drivers will be able to use the extra parking spaces in approximately one year’s time (Q2 2019).

Maasvlakte Plaza opened on 3 May 2017 and has been intensively used from the get go. Offering an information desk, sanitary facilities, Wi-Fi, washers and dryers, offices and a Routiers restaurant, this multi-purpose complex is truly one of a kind. At the beginning of March, Shell added a fuel point to the area’s list of facilities, and last week building started on what will become the Netherlands’ largest truck wash: HB Truckwash Maasvlakte.

The truck stop aligns with the 24/7 cycle of the nearby terminals, making it an excellent base of operations during peak hours, bad weather and emergencies.


In order to strengthen its position as Europe’s largest logistical and industrial hub, the port of Rotterdam works continuously to improve accessibility. In this context, sustainable solutions are sought to optimise access to Europe by road, rail, pipeline and coastal and inland navigation.

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