Port of Rotterdam and Upper Austria discuss challenges and opportunities

On 6 July, the Port of Rotterdam Authority received a delegation from Austria. The group, consisting of high-ranking representatives from banks, universities, the business community and industry in Upper Austria, was in Rotterdam to exchange information and ideas and to discuss shared opportunities. Dr. Axel Greiner, the president of the Industrial Association of Upper Austria, had also travelled to Rotterdam. The delegation was received by Allard Castelein, CEO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

Regional competitiveness

According to the Regional Competitiveness Index (RCI), a report by the European Commission that compares the regional competitiveness of the European industrial regions, Upper Austria ranks 49th in the list of 82 industrial regions in Europe. Various Dutch regions are in the top 20, including the provinces of South Holland, (Zuid-Holland), Utrecht and North Holland (Noord-Holland). Small, high-profile delegations (20-25 persons) from Upper Austria are visiting high-ranking industrial regions in Europe, including the port of Rotterdam, in order to learn from the most competitive regions and to intensify cooperation.

Austria, primary target for the port of Rotterdam

Together with Southern Germany and Central and Eastern Europe, Austria is an important region for the port of Rotterdam. Upper Austria is a province with a great deal of industry and it is a logistics hub. For the past few years, the port of Rotterdam has been engaged in activities to intensify connections with Austria, including increasing the number of rail connections.

In addition to the logistical challenges and opportunities, the group also exchanged ideas about matters such as climate change, energy transition and digitization. These challenges do not only concern Rotterdam’s port and industrial complex, but also business communities, governments and knowledge institutions all over the world.

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