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Port of Rotterdam appoints Port Cyber Resilience Officer

Source: Port of Rotterdam Authority

Resilience against cyber-attacks is essential for the port of Rotterdam. For this reason, (National) Harbour Master René de Vries was recently appointed as Port Cyber Resilience Officer (Port CRO), working on behalf of the police, Deltalinqs, the Municipality of Rotterdam and the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

The Port CRO bears responsibility for the realisation of the Port CRO programme. The objective of this joint programme is to increase cyber resilience in the port area, raise awareness of cyber security issues, intensify organisations’ level of training and build up risk management in this context.

The Port CRO programme is executed in substantive terms by working committees, which have been formed around the themes of Organisation & Communication, Legal Framework, Education, Exercise & Awareness and Risk Management, and is updated on a yearly basis.

In short: by bundling the various strengths found in the port, taking a centralised and structured approach to the matter of cyber resilience and sharing knowledge and experience, the port partners plan to significantly increase their resilience against cyber-attacks.

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