Port of Rotterdam explores opportunities Google Glass

The port of Rotterdam is constantly exploring new technologies to further improve the safety, reliability and time and cost effectiveness of operations in Europe’s largest port. The Google Glass provides an excellent opportunity to do just that. The port authority is, in partnership with the Rotterdam University of Applied Science, specialised companies and the port community, investigating how, where and when the Google Glass can be used to optimise operations. Get inspired by this movie. OK Glass!

The major advantage of the Google Glass is that users can keep their eyes fixed on their subject. Taking notes, reading emails, looking up information or getting directions: it is all in the corner of the user’s eye with the Google Glass. The glass can be controlled with voice commands or through the touch panel on the side. Having your hands free while ‘writing’ notes, sending messages, checking documents and taking photos/videos, makes work for, for instance, the joint environmental protection agency DCMR, or the Harbour Master’s division a lot easier.

The first application specifically designed for the port of Rotterdam is expected soon!

Léon Gommans

Founder of PlaySpace and HavenLab, entrepreneur - Léon Gommans

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