The Port of Rotterdam Authority supports the Fuel EU Maritime initiative

30 April 2020
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The Port of Rotterdam Authority has recently responded to the consultation of the European Commission (EC) regarding the ‘Fuel EU Maritime – Green European Maritime Space’ initiative.

Atlantic ocean container ship at the terminal
Photo: Danny Cornelissen

With this initiative, the EC aims to accelerate the transition to sustainable alternative fuels in the maritime sector. The Port of Rotterdam Authority strongly supports this initiative and actively encourages the use of alternative fuels, partly through the Incentive Scheme Climate-Friendly Shipping.

In order to stimulate cleaner marine fuels and shore power, it is important that these fuels are exempted from energy tax, both European and at the national level. The Port of Rotterdam Authority takes into account the diversity and complexity of the future fuel mix in shipping and advocates clear objectives, as well as a roadmap with the possibilities for alternative fuels and shore power solutions per ship type and a clear timeline.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is also in favour of continuing to stimulate LNG as a transition path for the use of bio-LNG in the future. Together with our customers, we continue to scale up the production of sustainable alternative fuels.