Port of Rotterdam catches up in innovation

23 April 2019
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The businesses in the port of Rotterdam have successfully caught up with companies elsewhere in the Netherlands. This is just one of the results of the new edition of the Port Innovation Barometer, a large-scale, multiannual study into innovation and the innovation climate in the Rotterdam port region, which was conducted on behalf of SmartPort and the Port of Rotterdam Authority by the Erasmus Centre for Business Innovation.

Image: Aeroview

Among other things, the same research reveals that on average, the group of innovation pioneers performs better than non-innovative companies, that the customer plays a dominant role in the innovation ecosystem, and that a considerable proportion of companies favours a more active role for the Port Authority in relation to digitisation, energy transition and the labour market in the port. The findings are based on an extensive survey among managers of 4,500 establishments in the port and the urban area surrounding the port.