The Port of Rotterdam is 'Ready for Brexit' - are you?

31 August 2020
How can we help you?

As of 1 January 2021, customs formalities will apply to all freight traffic between the European Union and the United Kingdom. The Port of Rotterdam is well prepared for this. Are you ready for customs formalities? A chain-wide solution for Brexit in the Dutch ports has been developed via Get Ready for Brexit. This solution means that cargo can continue to move swiftly through our ports after Brexit. Make use of it!

In 2021, transport with the United Kingdom will always begin with a declaration to Customs. Once this has been done, these customs documents must be pre-announced digitally at the terminals via Portbase (the Port Community System for Dutch ports). This digital pre-notification is mandatory at all ferry terminals and most short-sea terminals. Only then can the cargo continue to enter and leave the terminal swiftly.

No digital pre-notification means no access to the terminal. To prevent this, clear agreements on who does what is needed in all logistics chains. Get Ready for Brexit has brought that together in 5 easy steps.