Port’s community fund makes extra ‘corona donation’

21 April 2020
How can we help you?

DeltaPORT Donatiefonds, the ‘community fund’ of the port of Rotterdam, will be making € 75,000 available for projects that relate directly to the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak. Organisations eligible for support under the fund’s guidelines are invited to apply for a donation.

DeltaPort Donation Fund logo

The DeltaPORT Donatiefonds was set up exactly 50 years ago this summer. To mark this anniversary, the fund planned to make an extra, large-figure donation. These funds have currently been earmarked for a different purpose. “It is precisely during a crisis like this that we can show our added value as a community fund,” explains fund chair Wim Groenendijk. “For example, in these times, the care, education and cultural sectors are all in dire need of support.”

Many companies in Rotterdam’s port and industrial complex, including the Port of Rotterdam Authority, are already helping where they can – each in their own way. And the DeltaPORT Donatiefonds doesn’t plan to stand by. Applications are welcome via info@deltaportdonatiefonds.nl