Precautionary measures in connection with a turnaround

28 April 2020
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‘The Dutch government has recognised the large-scale production, processing and/or storage of chemical and petrochemical substances as essential processes during the coronavirus crisis. But to execute a major maintenance project (e.g. turnaround maintenance) that calls for a far larger number of people to be present on location than usual, companies are required to apply for a dispensation permit via the Regional Medical Emergency Preparedness and Planning office (GHOR)/Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region (VRR),’ says Bas Janssen, Managing Director of Deltalinqs.


Shell has shared its programme of COVID-19-related precautionary measures for the upcoming turnaround at its Pernis location with Deltalinqs. ‘We are pleased to share these measures and Shell’s poster for the operation on our website, as a source of inspiration for other companies to continue to work safely during the coronavirus crisis. In addition, our page offers pointers for applying for a dispensation permit in the context of major maintenance,’ says Janssen.