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Progress of clean-up operations in Port of Rotterdam - update 26 June

26 June 2018
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Over the weekend of 23 and 24 June, a serious water pollution incident occurred in the 3rd Petroleumhaven in Rotterdam. The Port of Rotterdam Authority and Rijkswaterstaat are coordinating the clean-up operations. The Port Authority will be issuing regular updates regarding the progress of these clean-up operations.

Washing facility for inland vessels in the Geulhaven

The current situation on Tuesday, 26 June, 10.00 am

  • The Port of Rotterdam Authority’s initial priority is the clean-up of the port water and contaminated vessels. This is taking priority to enable the vessels to enter and leave the ports and for the logistics chain to resume.
  • Approximately 150 tonnes of the 200 tonnes of spilled oil had been cleared by Tuesday morning.
  • It is expected that the above-mentioned clean-up operations will continue for several days. This work is being carried out by a specialist company, operating with 6 special oil spill response vessels.
  • A washing facility has been operational in Geulhaven since Sunday evening (photo) to clean the over 50 inland vessels, with some 8 vessels being cleaned so far. The washing facility capacity for inland vessels was doubled in Geulhaven on Monday afternoon to enable two vessels to be cleaned simultaneously.
  • A washing facility for sea-going vessels opened on Monday afternoon near buoy 66 in the Botlek area. The first sea-going vessel has now been cleaned and has continued on its voyage. A further 14 contaminated sea-going vessels still need to be cleaned.
  • After cleaning the port water and the vessels, a start will be made to clean up the contaminated port infrastructure, including jetties, slopes, banks and embankments. This is expected to take at least several weeks.
  • The 3rd Petroleumhaven has now been partially released by the Harbour Master to enable a partial resumption of shipping. The west section and entrance to the 3rd Petroleumhaven have been reopened. The south section of the 3rd Petroleumhaven and the Geulhaven are still closed.
  • The Port of Rotterdam Authority is doing everything it can to release (sections of) the closed areas as quickly as possible.
  • The Harbour Master is at the scene to regulate inbound and outbound shipping traffic.
  • To prevent the spread of the oil, the south section of the 3rd Petroleumhaven is still enclosed by oil booms.
  • All oil booms have now been removed on the north side of the river. The ports of Maassluis, Vlaardingen and Schiedam have now been reopened.
  • The Harbour Coordination Center (HCC) is providing companies, shipping companies, shipping agents and skippers with regular updates on the status of operations.
  • Rijkswaterstaat will be opening a site close to Maassluis today to receive and clean oil-soaked birds. The site is close to the Maeslantkering on the north side of the river.