Rotterdam a key hub for the Norwegian market

About 12,000 DFDS containers pass through Rotterdam each year as they are shipped to and from Norway. And this volume is now expanding. “We feel that there is a growing awareness among companies that sea transport is as fast, less expensive and even more environmentally friendly than transportation via road. When exporting to Norway, they don’t have to bother about the pick-up and delivery of freight as we provide a door-to-door service with the Port of Rotterdam as an important hub,” says Harald de Vos, Traffic Manager.

Rush deliveries
Cargo shipped to Norway consists of two types of transport. First, we have cargo that we pick up within 200 km from Rotterdam. Up to 24 hours before departure, these are regarded as rush deliveries. “Customers include producers and end consumers of goods such as frozen bread from the Benelux countries and France, and fruit and vegetables from the Rotterdam region,” he adds.

Irish and Italian cargo for Norway
Secondly, ships are loaded with cargo from Italy and Ireland. Upon arrival in Rotterdam, cargo is transhipped directly onto our Norwegian container ships, making Rotterdam an even more indispensable hub in our services connecting Ireland, Italy, the Benelux countries, France and Norway. “Rotterdam really functions as a hub that links our important freight destinations and the port is well situated to take cargo from a wide area,” adds Harald.

Four departures per week
DFDS offers two weekly departures from Rotterdam, one from Moerdijk and one from Zeebrugge. Depending on the port of departure, container vessels make calls either into the Oslo region or at seven ports spread along the whole Norwegian west coast. “This is as fast as road transport and favoured by our customers who benefit from transporting their cargo unaccompanied to Norway,” adds Harald.

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