Rotterdam-based Snijlab manufactures face shields for Erasmus MC

26 April 2021
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The Rotterdam-based firm Snijlab is currently manufacturing protective face shields for healthcare staff. The Erasmus MC has already been able to stock some 20,000 shields thanks to this initiative. Snijlab, which is located in the Merwe-Vierhavens (M4H) area, is a laser cutting manufacturing firm.

Snijlab manufactures face shields for Erasmus MC
Photo: Snijlab

We’re still executing orders for our clients, but thanks to our volunteers, we’re able to combine it with this project,” says Snijlab co-owner Christian Waber. The company managed to start production within a week. “We’ve been working closely together with the Erasmus MC on the production of these face shields. This allowed us to swiftly perfect the prototype, meaning that we can already start delivering the actual shields. Usually, these kinds of products are sourced from abroad. Now that this has become impossible, it becomes clear that this can also be handled locally.” By now, the company has a daily production run of some 1,000 shields, which are dropped off daily at the Erasmus MC. The plans for the face shield have been made available online as an open source design, so everyone can have them made to order.