Rotterdam Blending & Filling opens on Maasvlakte

04 October 2019
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The new complex has been designed especially for the storage of both non-hazardous freight (merchandise) and packaged hazardous substances and also offers a blending and filling station. Cuno Vat, Managing Director of Neele-Vat Logistics: ‘The international cooperation in Rotterdam Blending & Filling strengthens both our service portfolio and Rotterdam’s position in chemical industry logistics.’

Rotterdam Blending

Competitive strength and versatility

During the opening, Emile Hoogsteden, Director of Containers, Breakbulk & Logistics at the Port of Rotterdam Authority, congratulated both partners and commended the choice for Maasstad. ‘It’s a fantastic and innovative addition to the Port of Rotterdam’s industry, competitive strength, versatility and employment.’ Rotterdam has recently made considerable progress in logistics/distribution and the chemical industry as illustrated by, for instance, the start of the Maasvlakte Distribution Park West construction and the opening of the Rotterdam Polymer Hub on 1 April 2020.

Opening RBF terminal

All in one

What is special about this storage and distribution centre is that it is an all-in-one concept. Rotterdam Blending & Filling offers one central point for the filling, packaging, mixing, storage and refrigerated storage of liquid chemical products and the further distribution of these. It is the first complex on Maasvlakte to have a filling station to repackage liquid cargo supplied by tanker or tank container into smaller units, such as in drums or in increasingly popular intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) of a thousand litres.


RBF has a storage capacity of 35,000 pallet spaces. A total of 12,500 square metres is suitable for merchandise, protected with a sprinkler system. 6,000 square metres of floor space is available for storing packaged hazardous substances. An additional 1,500 square metres is used for indoor filling, packaging and mixing of liquid chemical products.

RBF Terminal Arkem

260,000 square metres

The new complex at Madoerastraat 10 on Maasvlakte Distribution Park is easily accessible by road, rail and water and is located just a stone’s throw from high-frequency deep-sea and short-sea connections. Rotterdam Blending & Filling is also located conveniently for the A15, the Maasvlakte Plaza truck parking area, the existing Maasvlakte Distribution Park and the freight rail links between Maasvlakte and the European hinterland. With the opening of Rotterdam Blending & Filling, Neele-Vat is increasing its storage capacity in the Netherlands by 260,000 square metres.