We love breakbulk, because handling breakbulk isn’t about numbers or standard procedures.

Whether it’s steel, non-ferrous metals, paper, heavy lift or project cargo; every shipment requires us to collaborate more and work closely together. It is this human touch that makes  breakbulk so great, and it drives us to offer equally great services. Like our 24/7 accessibility,  excellent hinterland connections and state-of-the-art breakbulk facilities and cranes, each ensuring that breakbulk cargo gets shipped to or from Europe the fastest and safest way.

As a leading port and gateway to Europe, it is important to meet the ever-increasing demand for more efficiency. That is why we always try to stay one step ahead and invest in the latest cargo handling technologies. We are proud of innovations like the unique ship-to-shore magnet cranes, all weather terminals, the Port Navigator and Europe’s largest fleet of floating cranes that can lift up to 1,800 tons. They all contribute to our ambition to be a full-service port with a complete cluster of activities. Companies in the port of Rotterdam are proactive and innovative, continually responding to the changing needs and new developments.

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