Rotterdam proudly welcomes world’s largest vessel!

This picture shows the world’s largest vessel, Pioneering Spirit, arriving at the Port of Rotterdam last Thursday 8th of January. What this picture doesn’t clearly show is…

the enormous size of the ship. With a length of 382 meters and a width of 124 metres, which equals about 8 soccer fields, Pioneering Spirit is the world’s largest vessel. Allseas awarded the contract to build the Pioneering Spirit in 2010 to South Korean Shipbuilding company Daewoo. The costs of this project were a total sum of € 2.4 billion.

With a lift capacity of 48,000 tons, it can lift and transport entire oil- and gas platforms. Dismantling into components is no longer required which saves enormous amounts of time.

For the coming four months the vessel will be stationed in Rotterdam to be assembled. Hundreds of workers will be necessary to complete the assembly. To accommodate all these workers a “village” of pontoons and working vessels will be operated around the vessel.

The arrival of the largest vessel of the world proves that the Port of Rotterdam is ready for the future. The largest port in Europe has the advantage of direct 24/7 access to the North Sea without locks and tide restrictions, deep water (up to 26 metres), spacious port basins and dedicated offshore facilities.

Final assembly of Pioneering Spirit will take place in the Alexiahaven.The inner lake of Maasvlakte 2 is a well-sheltered location, which enables work to continue even under less favourable weather conditions in a risk-free, environmental friendly and safe manner. ‘Smaller’ vessels and units measuring up to 100 x 385 metres can berth at the Offshore Facility Calandkanaal. Europe’s largest fleet of floating cranes and sheerlegs can be mobilised anywhere in the port. Shipyards are also able to handle all types of vessels and offshore platforms; the biggest can be served in a 405 x 90 metre megadock.

And most importantly, all companies are dedicated to providing their (offshore) customers with an optimal service. This makes Rotterdam the preferred base for the (de)mobilisation, conversion, storage, assemblage, shipment, production and (de)commissioning of all kind of vessels and offshore units.

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