Saturated bleaching earth is worth millions

Big companies are investing millions to recover saturated bleaching earth. Good for the environment and produces dozens of jobs.

The company Cargill, IOI, Croklaan Olenex and are looking for a specialized partner for the construction and operation of a new extraction plant to purify with bleaching earth vegetable oil. Such cooperation must demonstrate and tons of usable oil millions of euros.

The advantage of recycling bleaching earth
Bleaching earth is used in order to purify vegetable oil. Depending on how extensive the bleaching earth is used, the bleaching earth is saturated after a few weeks. At that time, it is now especially waste. The new facility allows for new raw materials, including by recovering oil from the bleaching earth. The recovered oil can be applied, for example, as a biofuel, and the remaining bleaching earth in building materials.

Employment through sustainability
The construction of the proposed plant is good for employment and provides around 50 jobs during construction and 12 permanent jobs after completion. Reclaiming saturated bleaching earth is unique in Europe.

Support of municipal and Port Authority
The recruitment of a partner for the construction and operation of the plant is supported by the municipality of Rotterdam, the Port of Rotterdam and the National Enterprising Netherlands (RVO). They contribute to the recycling and reuse of scarce resources with knowledge and financial resources. CSR chain organization for Margarine, Fats and Oils, acts as project manager. Alderman Maarten Struijvenberg (Rotterdam, employment and economy): "The system is state-of-the-art, strengthens Rotterdam's cleantech cluster and circular economy."

What figures about the project with bleaching earth

  • 50,000 tons of bleaching earth used annually in the port of Rotterdam
  • 1 million annually involved in the discharge of saturated bleaching earth
  • 15,000 tons of usable oil is in the 'waste' trapped
  • 6.5 million is the estimated value of the hidden oil
  • 13,000 tons of oil can be recovered are added to secondary stocks, making the chain of production and raw materials is further closed
  • Several million will be needed to achieve the installation, the actual amount will depend on the chosen technology
  • 50 jobs during construction
  • 12 jobs after completion
  • To 6 years payback on the entire investment

Source: Gemeente Rotterdam


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