Schrijvershof to Cool Port in 2017

Schrijvershof, importer and exporter of fruit and vegetables, will be moving to a new location in Cool Port in mid-2017. Cool Port is the new cold storage terminal developed by Kloosterboer, strategically located on the Eemhaven in Rotterdam. With access via the water, the railways and the road, Cool Port has direct connections to the deep-sea terminals on the Maasvlakte, the surrounding Greenports and the European hinterland.

In addition to cold storage space for 35,000 pallets, the logistics hub has modern facilities for the packaging, sorting and ripening of fruit. This move to Cool Port will enable Schrijvershof to grow and will allow it to focus fully on its core activities: sourcing and sales, management of quality and food safety and the sustainability of the supply chain. According to Maarten Schrijvershof, the transfer of the entire logistics operation from Oud-Beijerland to Rotterdam means ‘a very promising step for the family company, which is more than 80 years old’.

Cool Port is the redevelopment of a large part of the former ‘city’ container terminals in the Eemhaven.

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