Sharp growth for BrabaCon terminals

Source: Nieuwsblad Transport

Last year, throughput at the ten hinterland terminals in the Dutch province of North Brabant grew by almost 20%, to 660,000 TEU. This was calculated by Brabacon, the ‘informal network’ of seven companies which operate the ten terminals. (*)

About 80% of the containers transported are 40-footers, the rest 20-footers. About 180,000 TEU was loaded on both the way in and way out. Close on 23,000 containers were conveyed by rail between Rotterdam and Tilburg or Eindhoven. Throughput at the terminals has been on the up again since 2010. The terminals in question also transported over 105,000 TEU by road to and from the sea ports.

The network is seeing a certain saturation of the market; whatever can be transported multi modal is transported multi modal. ’The larger potential clients still do not choose multimodal transport, or only to a limited extent, because it is not appropriate. There are new, smaller clients, but they hardly cause any substantial additional volumes. Real growth comes mainly from new, international companies setting up business or big investments by existing companies. Due to the inadequate supply of suitable commercial sites, too few companies with large container volumes are setting up business in Brabant, and particularly the eastern part, according to BrabaCon.

(*) The BrabaCon containers can be found in Den Bosch, Veghel, Cuijk, Bergen op Zoom, Oosterhout, Oss, Waalwijk, Tilburg and Eindhoven. The sea port of Moerdijk is not counted. In addition to the terminals, the network offers:

  • twenty inland vessels for container transport to and from the sea ports;
  • daily container trains carrying 80 or more containers to and from the sea ports;
  • customised continental container transport by water, road or rail;
  • storage capacity for more than 40,000 TEU;
  • more than 300,000 m2 own warehouse capacity.

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