Energy transition

Step up (and cut back) for Power2X!

The industry is faced with a formidable task, which will need to be completed over the next few decades. To achieve the agreed climate action targets, the sector needs to drastically reduce its CO2 emissions. We have consensus on where to look for solutions: one of the key instruments at our disposal will be industrial electrification. Also known as Power2X, industrial electrification means replacing processes powered by fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal) with processes powered by ‘green’ electricity. Right now, electrification still poses quite a few technical, organisational and financial challenges. To achieve the required acceleration, we need to take concrete action.

Alice Krekt

To step up the development and implementation of Power2X technologies – which in turn will lead to a large-scale reduction of CO2 emissions – Deltalinqs, VoltaChem and FME have taken the initiative of an Industrial Electrification Field Lab. At this physical location, technologies can be tested, developed, demonstrated and applied on a significantly large scale. In addition, the field lab forms a natural location for parties working on electrification applications to meet and interact. Here, they can develop and exchange knowledge – with the joint aim of accelerating the greening of industrial clusters throughout the Netherlands.

Natural home in Rotterdam

Field labs aren’t a new phenomenon. In Rotterdam, for example, you can already find a 3D metal printing field lab, a block chain technology field lab and the Plant One pilot project. But this will be first such centre for industrial electrification in the Netherlands. And Rotterdam is a natural home for the Power2X Field Lab. The city accommodates a wide range of industrial activities, facilitating the eventual implementation of the developed technologies. And the field lab aligns wonderfully with Rotterdam’s ambition to be a front-runner in the ongoing energy transition. We’re currently performing a feasibility study for a Rotterdam-based field lab, examining which partners, location, infrastructure and financial arrangements are required to set up various systems – an electrolysis facility for sustainable hydrogen, for example.

Calling new partners

The envisioned partners in this Industrial Electrification Field Lab are companies, knowledge institutes and organisations that have an interest in increasing sustainability within the industrial sector. They may include end users that want to partially or fully electrify their processes, power companies that aim to field test new services and technology firms hoping to demonstrate their innovations in practice. The Field Lab will provide technological, substantive, administrative and/or financial support. We will be working together with these partners to determine which Power2X technologies (Power2Heat, Power2Gas/Hydrogen or Power2Product) are included in the programme. We intend to launch the Field Lab in 2019.
Energy in Transition Summit
The upcoming Energy in Transition Summit on 11 April will also pay attention to industrial electrification. The summit is organised by the Port of Rotterdam Authority. Deltalinqs aims to make concrete progress in realising the Energy Transition.


If you did not receive an invitation for the 2018 Summit but are interested in taking part in the Field Lab, do not hesitate to let me know

Alice Krekt
Alice Krekt
Programmadirecteur Deltalinqs Energy Forum
010-402 03 22

Energy in transition

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is committed to combating climate change and wants to play a leading role in the global energy transition. The reduction of CO₂ emissions and efficient use of raw and residual materials are important tasks for the Port Authority.

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