Energy transition

Study in Germany into hydrogen import options from Australia

21 December 2020
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In Germany, a feasibility study has started under the name HySupply into the possibilities and conditions under which hydrogen from renewable sources can be supplied from Australia to Germany. The Port of Rotterdam Authority is involved in the project from the point of view of possible new trade corridors for hydrogen, in this case via Rotterdam to Germany.


The HySupply study is expected to take two years to complete. Apart from the study itself, a roadmap for implementation will also be developed during that period and intensive dialogue will take place between German and Australian stakeholders in particular, also at government level.

Germany is investing heavily in hydrogen. This is not only on green hydrogen that is produced by means of electrolysis. In that process, water is separated into oxygen and hydrogen by means of electricity. In order for that hydrogen to be sustainable and green, the required electricity must come from renewable sources, such as wind and solar energy.

Green hydrogen will mainly be used as a raw material for chemistry and mobility. Germany is also focusing on blue hydrogen that is made from refinery gases and natural gas. The production of this hydrogen releases CO2, which is stored in depleted gas reservoirs. This hydrogen is mainly used as a fuel in the industry to generate high temperatures to make products.