'Supply Chain Talks', the must watch talk show for global supply chain professionals

29 March 2021
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On 16 March we broadcasted the 2nd edition of ‘Supply Chain Talks’ live from our studio at the World Port Center in Rotterdam. During this 45-minute live studio broadcast with interviews, discussions, news and behind the scenes video coverage we connected with our business partners from around the globe.

If you attended the online event: thanks for watching and we hope you enjoyed the show. If you were not able to join then you can still watch it:

Since we received the feedback that you would like to know more about certain topics discussed during the live show, we have launched ‘Supply Chain Talks - The Portcast’. In this 30 minute podcast we continue the dialogue with one of the guests from the show.

The first podcast with Annet Koster - Managing Director of the KVNR and Port Personality of the year 2020 - provides an insight into the world of seafarers and their situation during the lockdown. But we also talk about her mission to raise the profile of the maritime industry and the reasons why this industry should be given more credit. Start listening while preparing lunch or take your podcast with you as you go on your daily walk!

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We will start preparations for the next edition of ‘Supply Chain Talks’ very soon. Please send us your comments or suggestions to make sure the next edition will be just as interesting.

We look forward to seeing you again for the next edition in June!