Ten-T Days 2018

From 25-27 April, the European Commission organised the annual TEN-T (Trans European Transport Network) Days in Ljubljana. For the first time, the event was combined with the core corridor network meetings, where the new detailed implementation plans were presented.

A Port of Rotterdam delegation participated in Ljubljana not only to emphasize the importance of the TEN-T network and its projects, but also in support of a coalition of more than 40 European associations, making the case for an increased transport budget.

Next Multi-annual Financial Framework & CEF II

On May 2, the European Commission has published a proposal for the multi-annual financial framework (MFF), the EU budget, for the period 2021-2027. The MFF lays down the maximum annual amounts (ceilings) which the EU may spend in 5 different categories of expenditure (headings). The Commission has underlined the importance of digitalization and renewable energy in achieving a well-functioning transport infrastructure. This synergy between core themes by the Commission is related to the ambitions of the Port of Rotterdam and therefore welcomed.

The Port of Rotterdam perceives the initial proposal as positive, although the actual budget still has to further determined in the next months when the proposal will enter the decision-making procedure. It is therefore too early to assess the impact of relevant financing programmes such as Connecting Europe Facility II (CEF II).

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