The Dutch love the Port of Rotterdam

With a score of 85.7* among the Dutch population and a score of 87.4* among local residents, the Port of Rotterdam has an excellent reputation. This is the conclusion of Reputatiegroep, an independent advice agency contracted by the Port Authority to conduct biennial research.

The research also shows that, in line with its good reputation, the Port of Rotterdam is widely supported. Both the general population and local residents stand behind the port’s growth ambitions and are very willing to offer the port verbal support. The general public’s backing for the port has also increased further.

Other important outcomes for the Port of Rotterdam:

  • The Port of Rotterdam’s renown among the general population has increased from 52% to 61%. Among local residents this was and is 98%.
  • As in 2015, the Netherlands is incredibly proud of ‘its’ port (93% of the general population and local residents).
  • The Port of Rotterdam is particularly appreciated for its significant economic and social value for the Netherlands and the Rijnmond region. The image that our port is the best port in the world with good prospects for growth adds to this appreciation.

(* On a scale from 0 to 100)

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