The Port has gained a floating forest

Amid great interest, the Floating Forest was officially opened during the Dutch National Tree Planting Day on 16 March. With this, the Rotterdam Rijnhaven has gained twenty floating trees, a green spot in the port which calls attention to art, innovation and sustainability.

The trees are bobbing around on the water in recycled old sea buoys. Jeroen Everaert of art producer Mothership, creator and executor of the Floating Forest, and Jorge Bakker, artist of the miniature version 'In Search of Habitus', gave the signal to lower the last buoy with tree into the water with a huge crane. The 21st tree is located on the quay so it can be admired from up close. The Floating Forest will remain in the Rijnhaven for at least five years - an iconic, green work of art for the port and the city, in anticipation of the first seal to use it to answer nature’s call.

You can view the time lapse of the placing of the forest or the report on RTV Rijnmond here.

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