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A column by Thea de Vries, manager Marketing Communications

I think it’s because of our typical Rotterdam mentality ‘actions speak louder than words’, we do not often draw attention to the great things we have accomplished in the port together. Not to mention, that we barely actively communicate about this to the outside world. Even though port of Rotterdam is always committed to further increasing the value of the port for the industrial clusters oil, chemicals and energy companies and supply chains of companies, forwarders, transporters and shippers.

Take, for example, Alpherium. A brilliant illustration of an innovative solution that was created in collaboration with several parties in the port area. There are many similar stories that show the port of Rotterdam is groundbreaking. And this is exactly what distinguishes us from competing ports such as Antwerp and Hamburg and makes port of Rotterdam a strong and distinct brand. By approaching things from a different perspective we come to new insights, create opportunities and book results. As of January 21, we will start a new campaign using the payoff ‘Change Your Perspective’, to underline this new positioning.

Together with you and all the other companies in the port, we want to join forces and reinforce the brand "Port of Rotterdam". By giving our brand an identity and inspiring parties outside the port, including your customers, to change their perspective. One of the vehicles for this, is this website. On a monthly basis we share a column written by an interesting person and his or her vision on the port. An ambassador of the port that challenges, inspires and excites us. This website also contains newsworthy ‘Insights’ that are related to the port of Rotterdam and a detailed overview of the port 'Showcases'.

Do you have an interesting, amusing or inspiring story? I challenge you to share this with us and everyone else. Because together we can spread the word and make this campaign successful! Our port branding team is looking forward to hearing from you.


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