VERWATER SJR expands at RDM Rotterdam

13 April 2021
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The tank building specialist VERWATER SJR is set to expand at RDM Rotterdam. In October 2020, the Verwater Group from Hoogvliet Rotterdam took over SJR Tank Construction.

Building VERWATER SJR at RDM port of Rotterdam

They are now keen to expand further at RDM for their prefabrication and tank-building activities; a second hall will be constructed alongside the existing one and a storage site will be created behind the quay. On March 16 2021, an agreement to this effect was signed with the Port of Rotterdam Authority, which owns RDM Rotterdam.

RDM Rotterdam is the place for innovation in the port; this is where the manufacturing industry of the future is taking shape, which is why VERWATER SJR fits in so well here. Moreover, the company can also play a part in a range of market developments, such as sustainability, by building and supplying composite tanks.

VERWATER SJR has been located at RDM Oost since 2015, and has constructed a production hall there for the building of large storage tanks. The company has grown at that location and will continue to do so by building more tanks on its own premises. The expansion at RDM Oost means the company will have almost twice as much land at its disposal there. The berth there had already been allocated to VERWATER SJR. This quay is well suited for the handling of the company’s heavy project cargo. It will also be able to make use of HEBO’s floating cranes, which use VERWATER SJR’s quays for mooring its vessels when VERWATER SJR is not carrying out transhipment operations.

About Verwater SJR

VERWATER SJR is an industrial service provider with a history dating back almost 100 years. Verwater SJR is a tank-building and maintenance specialist as well as being involved in related disciplines such as civil works, piping and protective coatings. The company builds tanks both on-site at clients’ premises and in the production hall at RDM Rotterdam that opened in 2016. As a company, VERWATER SJR is of importance to both the Rotterdam and regional economies. The construction of a second hall means VERWATER SJR can respond quickly in a climate-controlled environment to the growing demand for storage tanks in Rotterdam and the rest of the world. The markets in which VERWATER SJR operates include petrochemicals, tank storage, energy and food/feed.