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Vessels offered free shore power during Parkkade trial

16 January 2020
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Coasters taking part in the mobile shore power trial on Parkkade in Rotterdam are being supplied with free electricity. The aim is to stimulate shipping companies to take part in the trial. Using shore power reduces air and noise pollution, as vessels do not need to use their diesel generators. The initial reactions are very positive.

Shore power installation at Parkkade, port of Rotterdam
Photo: Jerry Lampen

The trial started in December. Mainly vessels from Wilson shipping company have taken part so far. In total, five different mobile shore power systems will be tested over a five-month period. Engie, Bredenoord and Skoon’s hybrid system is currently being tested: a Big Battery Box, integrated with a motor generator on biofuel (HVO).

As Parkkade was very busy over Christmas, the period in which this system was used on Parkkade was extended by a week. This gave more vessels the opportunity to connect. The next system will be installed in the second half of next week. The trial is a partnership between the Municipality of Rotterdam and the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

The five trial participants are:

  • ENGIE Ventures & Integrated Solutions B.V.
  • Hybride system with a Big Battery Box
  • Aggreko Benelux
  • PON Power
  • Mobiele Stroom B.V.
  • JP-Energiesystemen B.V