Waalhaven has the largest solar park of Rotterdam

The largest solar park in Rotterdam has been constructed on top of the freezer warehouse of FrigoCare in the Waalhaven. The roof has a surface area of 7,500 square metres, the size of a football field. 3,100 solar panels have been installed, which allow the generation of 750,000 kWh of electricity annually. This is enough to provide one third of the energy supply of the warehouse. The warehouse is mainly used for the storage of frozen fish.

The solar park is a collaboration between FrigoCare, Zon Exploitatie Nederland (ZEN) and the Port of Rotterdam. FrigoCare, a subsidiary of Samskip, invested 650,000 euros in the renovation of the roof. Zon Exploitatie Nederland (ZEN) paid one million euros for the solar panels and provides the operation and maintenance. The costs incurred are expected to be recouped within ten years.

Reduction in CO2 emissions

“The starting point for the upgrade of our warehouse was that we wanted to address it as environmentally friendly as possible,” said John Bouman, managing director of FrigoCare. “Partnering with ZEN allows us to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 325 tonnes annually. That is a very nice start which we hope will be followed by others in the logistics sector.”

Big boost for Rotterdam

According to Michel Peek, director and founder of ZEN, the initiative is a big boost for the entire city. “Rotterdam has green ambitions, but was still lagging behind concerning solar energy. This park increases the capacity to generate solar energy in Rotterdam by no less than 25 percent.” The current capacity is approximately 3 million kWh (3 gWh). According to the plans of the city, this should be 20 gWh by 2020 and even 100 gWh by 2030.

Many opportunities in the port of Rotterdam

The port of Rotterdam offers many opportunities for the large-scale generation of solar energy. The Port of Rotterdam Authority is fully supportive of the development of solar parks. In 2014 a large solar park was inaugurated on the roof of the RDM Shipbuilding Hall while the cold store of the Kloosterboer Delta Terminal was also equipped with solar panels. This latest park on the roof of FrigoCare will be officially be opened on Friday, 2 September during the World Port Days.

Source: Samskip/ZEN
Photo: Samskip/ZEN

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